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Jacuzzi Operating Instructions

To start the system, press on the center of the control button. The system will start at its maximum power and the timer will begin automatically at 20 minutes. You can stop the system at any time by pressing once on the center of the control button.


To adjust the force of the jets, press down on the center of the control button and maintain a constant pressure. The power of the air will slowly decrease to its lowest speed and if you maintain pressure of the control, it will slowly increase to its highest speed. You can release the button at any time when the force of the jets is exactly where you want it.


WARNING: About 15 minutes after use (or if the button has been pressed) and once the tub is empty, the jets activate automatically for several minutes to purge excess water and make sure air channels are completely dry. Please do not turn off the tub during this cleaning processing, or the jets will keep activating. PLEASE DO NOT BE ALARMED!!

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