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Color Stain


The Rugosa Residency is a newly founded opportunity for artists of various mediums, styles, and experience to convene and create on the extraordinary grounds of a boutique compound, located on Cape Cod in Eastham, MA. This unique program allows artists to essentially “take over” the Rugosa Guest House to work, play, learn, network, eat, drink, and experiment together. Collaboration is encouraged. 

The original and continued mission of the Rugosa Artist Residency is to: 

  • Connect passionate, hardworking, creative artists in an inspiring space. 

  • Designate a week of focus to refine their craft, stretch creative abilities and comfort zones. 

  • To have artists try new styles and techniques. 

  • To have fun, and to let go of making something perfect. 

  • To network with other creative individuals in a creative environment. 


The Residency consists of a range of activities and organized workshops which include, but are not limited to: plein-air excursions, figure drawing sessions, printmaking lessons, working with fire, stretching a canvas, and creating a frame. There is ample opportunity to push beyond one’s comfort zone, and take risks with new skills and techniques. 


The Rugosa Residency is co-curated by Joey Rugo, proprietor of the Rugosa Guest House and budding patron of the artist community. He has put great effort into the creation of inspiring spaces, and it has long been his vision to utilize his dreamy, unique grounds for the sake of artistic creation.


Springtime on Cape Cod is an undeniably inspiring time. We experience many shifts—longer, slightly warmer days that give way to a deeper, richer light to contemplate. Our oscillating, transient community cycles in new energy from all over the world, yet is anchored by a swath of hardy yet warm “year-rounders”. Whether it be rubbing elbows with like minds or venturing on a sunrise solo walk amongst the sandy pines—all of these elements exist to provide inspiration to the open mind.


If this residency could benefit you in bringing your work to the next level, please apply.

Now accepting applications for future residencies.


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